Martine Hoogman: Principle investigator

foto-24-04-16-06-34-55I have a background in clinical neuropsychology (MSc, University of Amsterdam), and obtained my PhD by completing my thesis entitled ‘Imaging the effects of ADHD risk genes’ (Radboud University, Medical sciences, 2013).

I currently work as a junior Principle Investigator (jPI) with a tenure track, at the Department of Pyschiatry and the department of Human Genetics, Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen. For almost 15 years I have been studying ADHD, looking at behavior/cognition, the brain and genes, and how they are associated with ADHD.

I lead the largest international neuroimaging collaboration on ADHD, called ENIGMA-ADHD. Also, I lead a local study aimed at unraveling both the positive and deficient sides of ADHD: IMPACT2-NL. In 2018, I was awarded the NWO Veni grant to study the link between creativity and ADHD. 

My brother was diagnosed on and off with ADHD.  He, and all the other patients I met during my studies, are my inspiration to learn more about ADHD.

Babette Jakobi: PhD student

Zhaomin Wu: PhD student

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Tim Bosman: Master student

Charlotte Jonker: Master student

Victoria Trindade Pons: Master student

Priscilla Vlaming: Research Assistant

Abel Schoonderwaldt: Master student

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Lessa Schippers: joining in sept 2021 as master student

Lisa Horstman: research assistant

Former members

Marjolein van Donkelaar: PhD student

Marten Onnink: PhD student

Clara Grabitz: Master student

Maria Amato; PhD student

Myriam Loffler: Research Assistant

Sophie Brouwer: Research Assistant