Martine Hoogman: Principle investigator

foto-24-04-16-06-34-55I have a background in clinical neuropsychology (MSc, University of Amsterdam), and obtained my PhD by completing my thesis entitled ‘Imaging the effects of ADHD risk genes’ (Radboud University, Medical sciences, 2013).

I currently work as am assistant professor/ junior Principle Investigator (jPI) with a tenure track, at the Department of Pyschiatry and the department of Human Genetics, Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen. For almost 15 years I have been studying ADHD, studying behavior/cognition, the brain and genes, and how they are associated with ADHD.

I lead the largest international neuroimaging collaboration on ADHD, called ENIGMA-ADHD. Also, I lead a local study aimed at unraveling both the positive and deficient aspects of ADHD: IMPACT2-NL. In 2018, I was awarded the NWO Veni grant to study the link between creativity and ADHD. In 2020 I was awarded the ECNP rising star award, and in 2021 the KNAW early career award.

My brother was diagnosed on and off with ADHD.  He, and all the other patients I met during my studies, are my inspiration to learn more about ADHD.

Group members

Babette Jakobi, PhD-student

The topic of Babettes PhD- project is emotion regulation in adult ADHD. Despite not being part of the core diagnostic criteria for ADHD, emotion dysregulation is a highly prevalent and clinically important component of (adult) ADHD. Emotion dysregulation has a significant impact on the functional outcome in ADHD, for example through reactive aggression. However, little is known about the mechanisms underlying such emotion dysregulation symptoms. Babette is combining behavioral, neuroimaging and microbiom data to learn more about emotion regulation in ADHD.

Femke Heddema, master student

Femkes is a master student biomedical sciences from the university of Leiden. Her project is aimed at unraveling the role of dopaminergic genes in the relationship between ADHD and creativity.

Lisa Horstman, research assistant

Lisa is a research assistant in our lab. She is involved in the ENIGMA-ADHD, IMpACT and ECNP projects.

Lessa Schippers, master student

Lessa is a cognitive neuroscience master student from the Radboud University. Her project is aimed at quantifying positive aspects of ADHD.

Zhaomin Wu, PhD student

Tim Bosman: Master student

Charlotte Jonker: Master student

Victoria Trindade Pons: Master student

Priscilla Vlaming: Research Assistant

Abel Schoonderwaldt: Master student

Former members

Marjolein van Donkelaar: PhD student

Marten Onnink: PhD student

Clara Grabitz: Master student

Maria Amato; PhD student

Myriam Loffler: Research Assistant

Sophie Brouwer: Research Assistant