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Principle investigator Dr. Martine Hoogman

In our lab we are dedicated to generate new knowledge about neuro-developmental conditions, such as ADHD and ASD, in terms of strengths, positive aspects and resilience. By doing this we hope to contribute to a more complete and more balanced picture of ADHD and ASD.

Het doel van onze onderzoeksgroep is het genereren van nieuwe kennis over ADHD en autisme, met name op het gebied van sterke kanten, positieve aspecten en veerkracht, om zo een completer en gebalanceerder plaatje van ADHD en autisme te kunnen presenteren.

Latest news

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 2022: In 2023 we will continue our research on strengths in neurodevelopmental conditions. Our main aims are to: 1. Identify links between the self-reported strengths of ADHD and clinical aspects of ADHD, 2. investigate strengths in children with ADHD, 3. Investigate how strengths are associated with well-being and quality of life and we will…

Article in ‘EOS Wetenschap’ on positive aspects of psychiatric conditions

Dec 2022: Martine Hoogman was asked to write an article about positive aspects of psychiatric conditions for the special edition ‘Personal Growth’ of EOS Science magazine. In this article she writes about scientific evidence for specific strengths related to for example ADHD and autism but she also puts these strengths and positive aspect in perspective…