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Principle investigator Dr. Martine Hoogman

In our lab we are dedicated to generate new knowledge about neuro-developmental conditions, such as ADHD and ASD, in terms of strengths, positive aspects and resilience. By doing this we hope to contribute to a more complete and more balanced picture of ADHD and ASD.

Het doel van onze onderzoeksgroep is het genereren van nieuwe kennis over ADHD en autisme, met name op het gebied van sterke kanten, positieve aspecten en veerkracht, om zo een completer en gebalanceerder plaatje van ADHD en autisme te kunnen presenteren.

Latest news

ADHD world congres 2023 in Amsterdam

May 2023: The world federation of ADHD hosted the ADHD world congres 2023 in Amsterdam this year. The theme of the congres was ‘Modernizing the concept of ADHD’. There were contributions from our group: Lessa Schippers presented at the ERC meeting prior to the congres, Martine presented her work on strengths in ADHD on Friday…

Group meeting: introductions with emojis

April 2023: Now that we are really of substantial group size, we are formalizing our interactions with a Hoogman-lab-meeting. In this meeting we share our ideas and our research output and offer support to each other. Our group currently consists of 4 PhD students, 2 master students and 1 research assistant. We started with introducing…

ADHDplaza: preparations for the ADHD lesson at schools

March 2023: To optimaly prepare for our school visits in the context of the ADHDplaza project, we organised a training day for our young researcher who are going to visit the schools to teach about ADHD. VBMO-experts Walter Kamphuis and Inge Trapman had valuable lessons for us as researchers. Nice side effect: we now had…