Positive aspects of ADHD

Lessa successfully defended her masters thesis

July 2022: Today cognitive neuroscience master student Lessa Schippers presented her research project for the master internship. She investigated, using quantitative methods, the relationship between self-reported positive aspects of ADHD and ADHD traits in the general population. The data that she collected showed that people with many ADHD symptoms also experience more hyperfocus, sensory processing sensitivity and cognitive flexibility. Learning more about positive aspects of ADHD might benefit self-esteem and coping with the dificulties associated with ADHD. Lessa’s work is of high quality: She can be very proud of her accomplishments! Lessa, Martine Hoogman, and Corina Greven, will together prepare the manuscript for submission to a scientific journal. We are happy that she will stay on as a research assistant in our lab for a few more months.