Positive aspects of ADHD

We won the Open Science Award 2022

Sept 2022: We, Lessa Schippers, Lisa Horstman, Jeanette Mostert, Corina Greven , Janneke Zinkstok from the Radboudumc, and Hans van de Velde and Rob Pereira from Impuls & Woortblind won the Dutch Open Science Award 2022 at the Open Science Festival at the VU in Amsterdam. The award was presented by the Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science, Robbert Dijkgraaf. We won the award for our collaborative project on positive aspects of ADHD. This project was a co-creation between the Radboudumc and Impuls & Woortblind from the start of the project until the end of the project.

It was a very festive event with a lot of positive vibes. We all felt it was very excited to be there and to engage in open science. We were inspired by the work done by others and intend to use the prize money for a gathering to make new collaborative plans!

If you want to see more from the festival, the plenary sessions can be viewed here.