Positive aspects of ADHD

Presenting work at ECNP 2022, Vienna

Oct 2022: The 35th ECNP Congress, Europe’s premier scientific meeting for disease-oriented brain research, was held in Vienna, Austria, with 5,700 participants from around the world. ECNP is an independent scientific association dedicated to the science and treatment of disorders of the brain. It is the largest non-institutional supporter of applied and translational neuroscience research and education in Europe. Principle investigator of our group, Martine Hoogman, presented work on the positive aspects of ADHD in a symposium entitled ‘Course alteration in ADHD: within sight or out of sight?’ Other presenters were Professor Luis Rohde, board member of the ADHD Wolrd federation from Brazil, Professor Andreas Reif, president-elect ECNP from Germany and Dr. Zheng Chang, assistent professor working at Karolinska Institutet Sweden.

Fortunately, the weather was excellent for a nice city walk in the sun!