Positive aspects of ADHD

Honours students visiting our lab

April 2022: The past 4 weeks we had 3 honours students visiting our lab. Honours students get the chance to visit, and be part of various Radboud research themes to get a broad view of the research that is ongoing. This time they visited our research theme ‘neurodevelopmental disorders‘ and were part of our lab. They learned about qualitative versus quantitative research, and about the value of researching positive aspects of ADHD. They collaborated with us on the participatory research that we performed in collaboration with Impuls & Woortblind. At the end of the 4 weeks they presented, with other honours students, their project, and explained what they had learned in the weeks that they were with us. We were very proud of their learning curve and their performance during the final presentation. Well done Jilke, Jeremy and Daniel!

Honours students present their project
Honours students visiting our lab, part of the neurodevelopmental research theme of the Radboudumc.