NWA-wecom grant for our ADHDplaza project

June 2022: This week we heard that the ADHDplaza project, initiated and set up by Martine Hoogman and Jeanette Mostert, was awarded the NWA science communication grant (50k) from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research (NWO). We are very happy with this news!

About the project

Martine Hoogman and Jeanette Mostert (departments of Psychiatry and Human Genetics, Radboud University Medical Center) have obtained an NWA science communication grant (50k) for their ADHDplaza project. Pilot data indicated that knowledge about ADHD in youngsters is limited, but the need for information about ADHD is high in this group. To inform adolescents about ADHD, Martine and Jeanette have set up a consortium of Dutch ADHD experts and collaborated with the Dutch organization for people with ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia Impuls & Woortblind. In their project, PhD students will visit middle schools to bring information about ADHD, but also to collect information about what they want to know and learn about ADHD. The expertise that is present within the consortium is used to answer those questions in an attractive manner, and will be posted on the ADHDplaza platform. This way the information will become available for all (young) people in the Netherlands. This project is also aimed at training science communication skills in young researchers in the ADHD field, a valuable quality that they can add to their CVs. More information will become available soon on ADHDplaza.nl.