Meeting with the Dutch organisation for people with ADHD

Febr 2023: On the 13th of February members of Impuls & Woortblind (Jesse van Esch, Roelf Renkema, Akke Meilink, Rob Pereira, Hans van de Velde) visited us (Lessa Schippers, Emma Sprooten, Jeanette Mostert, Corina Greven, Martine Hoogman) at the Radboudumc for 2 reasons: a celebration lunch related to us winning the Dutch Open Science Prize 2022 and to discuss our collaborations.

After a quick introduction round and a wonderful lunch, we started talking about an important aspect of our collaboration: how to communicate with each other. Although we have known each other for quite some time now, it remains difficult to sometimes fully understand each other’s wishes and ideas. This part of the meeting was very
valuable. In addition, we talked about future projects. I think everyone left the meeting with lots of new ideas and good vibes! Looking forward to more fruitful collaborations.

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