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ADHD world congres 2023 in Amsterdam

May 2023: The world federation of ADHD hosted the ADHD world congres 2023 in Amsterdam this year. The theme of the congres was ‘Modernizing the concept of ADHD’. There were contributions from our group: Lessa Schippers presented at the ERC meeting prior to the congres, Martine presented her work on strengths in ADHD on Friday in the first plenary session of the day and Lessa again presented in the young scientist session (where she won the Young Scientist Award!) on Saturday. It was also great catching up with former PhD-student Zhaomin Wu, who continued investigating ADHD back home in China and displayed her work in Amsterdam. New PhD-student Han was also attending the conference (with the help of the KNAW early career award of Martine) and got overwhelmed with all the ADHD research that is out there. Good inspirations for her and her work on creativity and well-being in the context of ADHD. Hopefully her work will be part of the next meeting, in 2 years in Prague.

The meeting attracted >1400 attendees, among which many colleagues from Nijmegen, collaborators from our (inter)national collaborations such as MocA, IMpACT and ENIGMA-ADHD, and also our your researchers from ADHDplaza. You can imagine how much fun we had, seeing all these familiar faces in one place.